One way of processing your grief is to find ways to remember your pet and acknowledge their presence in your life. There are many ways you can do this, and everyone will have a different way of remembering their pet. Some ideas about how you can memorialise your pet are listed below.

  • Plant a pot-plant or tree in your pet’s favourite spot
  • Create a memory box of items that remind you of your pet
  • Create a photo collage of your favourite memories of your pet
  • Have a painting or sketch done of your pet
  • Make a memorial plaque that can be placed in your pet’s favourite spot in your garden
  • Hold a memorial service for your pet
  • Create a photo album of your favourite memories with your pet
  • Create a movie montage of your favourite photos of your pet as a keepsake
  • Have your pet cremated and have their ashes returned to you in a decorative urn
  • Donate to an animal charity in honour of your pet
  • Donate your time to an animal shelter as a volunteer in honour of your pet

This educational series is part of a Client Support Program proudly delivered in partnership with Sunset Veterinary Care.

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